Who We Are

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About Audrey

My initial journey into herbalism was one that was caused by a big shift in my own reality. At the time, I was nearing the completion of medical school and felt that something was missing. I desired a deeper connection to the healing process, one that would allow me to use holistic methods to help others. After medical school, I began training as a Clinical Herbalist and began learning about medicine through an entirely different set of eyes where natural therapies are used to heal.

Herbalism provides the nourishing connection that I yearned for and has brought forth a fresh perspective and newly discovered relationship to plants and my environment. I wanted to support this new consciousness and spiritual growth and began to look into my own physical health and beauty rituals.

I became inspired to formulate my own skincare products and focused on using only natural, plant-based ingredients. Not only did I notice the healing qualities these products provided for my skin, but I immediately became aware of how the simple act of opting for natural and non-toxic skincare products is a key aspect for optimal health and wellness. Erbose was created to share this mindful intention of wellness and natural beauty. It is my hope to inspire individuals to holistically enhance their lifestyle by implementing self-care rituals into their daily routine.


About Jen

I’m a happy lady when I’m creating through photos and design.

Early in my career, I was fortunate enough to have been surrounded by all sorts of inspiration and creativity that brought me to where I am now. I spent some time, just out of college, working on visual merchandising teams for Urban Outfitters at various stores, and eventually moved on to the corporate world, where I took on several project-based contracts and positions for such amazing companies like Restoration Hardware, Bare Escentuals and Williams Sonoma. I spent time working on and alongside photo teams, print and catalog teams, package design teams, product development, public relations and E-commerce teams. To say I’ve learned a lot is a total understatement—I consider myself so lucky to have worked with all of these highly creative people.

When Audrey asked me to partner with her for Erbose, I was super excited. I now get to combine my passion for photo and design with a more recently found passion of mine: natural and plant-based products.

It wasn't until I became pregnant with my first baby that I realized the positive impacts of nourishing my body, and my growing baby, with healthful foods and natural products. Leading a truly organic and natural lifestyle isn’t easy at all, but in continually educating myself about the benefits of certain ingredients, my family and I can move towards being fully healthy.

I'm happy that I get to help make these products for all of you and yours.