Exfoliate Facial Grains

Exfoliate Facial Grains

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Exfoliate Facial Grains provide healing and drawing properties, removing surface dirt and excess oil. It’s a natural and gentle alternative to soap to clean the face while gently exfoliating the skin. Use up to twice a week to leave your face glowing and feeling fresh.

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  • Oats gently exfoliate and are soothing to the skin. They contain natural cleansers that can remove dirt and oil from the pores without causing irritation.  

  • Bentonite Clay helps to open and clean out the pores. It removes excess sebum and is a gentle exfoliant. Bentonite clay has natural antibacterial properties and increases the blood circulation to the skin

  • Almonds slightly exfoliate and soothe the skin

  • Lavender, Calendula, and Sage were chosen for their healing, soothing, and moisturizing properties


Scoop 1 to 2 teaspoons of Exfoliate Facial Grains into the palm of your hand or in a bowl, adding a few drops of water until a paste is formed. Spread the paste over your face and massage gently in a circular motion. Leave on the skin for 1-3 minutes. Rinse with water and pat dry.  Follow with facial oil. Recommended use: twice a week. 

*Yogurt, rosewater, coconut milk, or honey can be used in place of water for extra cleansing and rejuvenating effects.

*Please note that this product is handmade and 100% natural, so there my be variations from batch to batch. Some may also contain bits of plant material.

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Rolled oats, Almonds, Bentonite clay, Lavender flowers, Calendula flowers, Sage leaves