I absolutely love all of the products that I tried! Love that everything is plant based and natural. Very simple and clean and that has always been what I look for in beauty products.
— Briana C.
Save yourself the stretch marks and itchy belly and go buy this plant based belly oil by Erbose. Smells so good and my belly is so soft!
— Rachel C. for Soothing Belly Oil
I’ve LOVED using Erbose products. They are so nice and gentle on my skin!
— Olive R.
The powder was easy to mix with water and easy for application. The paste was perfect for exfoliation because it was soft, and not harsh. It didn’t leave my skin feeling stripped or oily. Additionally, I did try this on my arms and chest area because I do sometimes get breakouts in that location and I really loved it as a body scrub. It left my skin hydrated but not completely striped. Most body scrubs are harsh and can scratch the skin, but these grains didn’t do that.
— Frances A. for Exfoliate Facial Grains
Cleanse removes all the dirt on my face and does its job. It hydrates the skin and my skin feels very smooth, soft, and supple afterwards.
— Kelly Y. for Cleanse Oil
The replenish face oil is by far my favorite, the smell is amazing and my face felt great after each use. Thank you!!!!”
— Briana C. for Replenish Moisturizing Facial Oil
This is meant for baby but I love using it myself as well. I bring it along with me when I travel and the soothing scent helps me relax and ease tension. A must-have for stressful days!
— Lisa H. for Bedtime Oil
This is a rich, moisturizing oil that calms my dry cheeks, especially from spending all day in air-conditioned rooms. It’s deeply hydrating and melts into my skin. I use it on the back of my hands too from washing my hands so much as a mom to a toddler. It’s going to be such a treat to use especially during the upcoming dry winter months!
— Lisa H. for Replenish Moisturizing Facial Oil
Check out Erbose if you’re looking for some new skin goodness. They are super transparent with their products, which is amazing!
— Kayla H.
I use this oil after showering and it truly softens and hydrates the skin. It sinks in beautifully and is absorbs quickly. This is my favorite Erbose product!
— Kelly Y. for Hydrate Body Oil
New favorite part of our night routine: bedtime oil from Erbose.
— Briana C. for Bedtime Oil
Audrey has created a line of products that will inspire you to incorporate more natural, healthy products into your daily skincare routine! Erbose has a special place in my skincare routine!
— Ysabelle G.
Exfoliate facial grains made my face feel so smooth and clean. It was like having a facial at home for a fraction of the cost!
— Mary Ann V. for Exfoliate Facial Grains
My current favorite is the Replenish oil. It makes my skin feel 100 and smells like a really good cup of tea. 10/10 would recommend.
— Olive R. for Replenish Moisturizing Facial Oil
I was home a couple weeks ago and my mom tried the Replenish facial oil and liked it so much I gave her mine. She reported back and says her skin feels and looks younger and more plump! Ordered two more Replenish oils!
— Katherine P. for Replenish Moisturizing Facial Oil
I was hesitant at first about the facial grains because grain size looked big. BUT my skin looks less dull after exfoliating and it doesn’t feel harsh on the skin. The brightening effect was so obvious and my skin looked and felt more youthful.
— Kelly Y. for Exfoliate Facial Grains
Obsessed with these products. They feel so high quality and are very effective.
— Mikaela S.
I exfoliate regularly so I like the feeling of clean, scrubbed skin that’s ready for the toners and serums I use right after. These exfoliating grains are unique because I get great exfoliation without having my skin feel stripped and raw afterwards because of the gentle and calming ingredients that are mixed in. It’s a great alternative to harsher scrubs and my skin feels really soft after each use.
— Lisa H. for Exfoliate Facial Grains
I put the bedtime oil on his feet and around his neck; he loves it. Giggles and smiles while I roll it on and I swear he sleeps more soundly when I use it.
— Mikaela S. for Bedtime Oil
This oil feels so nourishing on the skin and has a light scent of rose. Although I have oily skin, my skin reacted well to this oil. I really enjoy this product. It feels luxurious, simple, and effective. A little goes a long way!
— Kelly Y. for Replenish Moisturizing Facial Oil
I use the baby bum balm religiously on Xander and he has never had diaper rash in almost 6 months.
— Mikaela S. for Baby Bum Balm
I found the best way for me to make this product work was to only apply it in the areas where I get dry patches. On my dry patches, this oily is heavenly! The scent is not too strong or irritating to the skin because it’s natural. It also is not heavy or pore-clogging, so even though my skin is oily, it didn’t leave a greasy residue on my skin. When I used this on my dry patches, I noticed irritation go down (redness) and my skin would feel hydrated and nourished.
— Frances A. for Replenish Moisturizing Facial Oil